Which one?


Which one? Help me decide on a new purchase!

  1. Small Chanel caviar wallet to match my bag

  2. Black LV Epi pochette

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  1. Ok, I am deciding on a new purchase! It is my birthday this Friday and I want to buy something for myself!...I love birthdays...:lol:

    I want both of these eventually but right now I can only afford one.

    (1) Small Chanel caviar wallet to match my bag

    (2) Black LV Epi pochette for events?

    Which one would you choose? Would you rather buy a small bag over a wallet? I need your opinions!

    Thank you!
  2. In this case, I like the idea of the wallet better!
  3. Small Chanel caviar wallet ;)
  4. I found a picture of the Chanel wallet that I want. I found it on Ebay; the seller's name is Czechchick123. This is her picture and I am not sure whether the wallet is authentic or not. I would buy mine at the boutique though.

  5. cute....you like only black wallets ?....i saw the same one in beige ..very nice colour...
  6. chanel!
  7. I feel "safer" with a black wallet. I have two black bags, so that wallet would match them. Plus, black wouldn't show wear as much.
  8. The wallet! Very pretty :love:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :nuts:
  9. found some pics of this wallets.....
    img10271767424.jpg img10271767546.jpg img10271767558.jpg img10271767520.jpg img10271767570.jpg img10271767584.jpg img10271767594.jpg img10392324294.jpg gj_cha-k_s0010-01.jpg img10271767460.jpg
  10. few more....
    img10091908653.jpg 13496-gd-0.jpg gj_cha-k_s0084-01.jpg gj_cha-k_s0089-01.jpg img10121999954.jpg img10121999957.jpg
  11. I vote for the wallet. I have been looking into getting one too!
  12. Chanel wallet
  13. Definitely the wallet!
  14. Absolutely the Chanel wallet! I just bought the black Porte Billet and it's the perfect size (looks like the same size as the one you might be getting). Same caviar leather outside only mine has the lambskin inside and the coin part is actually inside the wallet and closes like a little clutch. I don't think you can go wrong with the wallet! That's my vote!
  15. woo.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^.^
    i love birthdays too!
    well.. i would definately say the Chanel wallet!