Which one?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'd like to buy a Louis sometime later this year. I'm 15 1/2 years old and I have a job at a new company which I will start hopefully in June. My question is which bag to buy...

    I simply can not afford anything over $655...

    -Multicolore Pochette Accessoiries [My all-time favorite] $540
    -Vernis Lexington Pouch in Framboise [The Vernis is so pretty!] $580
    -Vernis Reade PM in Framboise [Is this a better buy than the Lexington?] $650
    -Denim Mini-Pleaty in either pink or blue $655

    I really really like the Charms Monogram Pochette, but by the time I could afford it, I'm sure it would be discontinued.

    Any ideas? Should I buy an actual bag now or stick to small leather goods/accessories?

    Your replies are appreciated!

    ~Miss Juicy Couture~
  2. I would probably get a smaller item to start off with, like a pochette. Also, why not buy a used bag so you'll learn how to care for it, and since it's used already, you don't have to be as cautious with it !

    You can probably get a MC pochette for around 250$, which is more than half off the retail at this point.
  3. I would go with the pochette as it is your all time favorite. Get what you really love. :love:
  4. Denim Mini-Pleaty in either pink or blue $655
  5. I would stay away from cloth and try to get your all time favorite!
  6. Mini pleaty or pochette. I agree with Ayla. There are a lot of good bargains when it comes to the pochette around. Maybe posting your want in the What to Buy section might point you to a good piece?
  7. MC Pochette or the Mini Pleaty. I bought a nearly-new MC pochette from a My Poupette seller on eBay for less than $300 and there are lots of other great deals out there. Vernis items can be trickier to take care of, so I probably wouldn't chose one as my first LV.
  8. I would get an MC pochette. Its a really cute bag and goes with pretty much everything! What a great beginner bag too!
  9. the MC pouchette will be your best bet. it has become a classic and if you ever need to sell it, there are others who would want to buy it. the other ones are a bit on the trendier side and may not be around in the next few seasons.
  10. MC pochette if this is ur beginner bag!
  11. mc pouchette =D
  12. The MC pouchette as your starter LV! You're a 15 yr old with such good taste! ;)
  13. Multicolore Pochette Accessoiries ~ Definitely It's Your All Time Favorite!
  14. Agree with everyone else, MC pochette.
  15. If you really love the MC pochette, go for it! My favorite is the Lexington, but the Reade is probably the best value. I myself love the Vernis in noisette!