Which one???

  1. :graucho: (both are black signature)



  2. carly!!!
  3. I like the Carly better in signature. Someone said the jacquard fabric in the Ergo is stiff, so I would stick with leather on the Ergo. And can you ask your signature smiley to stop whacking his horse on the head? :crybaby:
  4. teena...i have to vote for carly.

    i like ergo leathers more than the signature ones and omgoodness do i adore carly's!
  5. the carly, for sure!

    (and you should let me babysit your damier, hehe).
  6. LOL! The smiley needs a good whack! Of course, I do not treat my ponies and horsey that way! They get nothing but loving!
  7. Carly!
  8. yeah, like I'd ever see it again....

    "tlloveshim? Who's that?" I can see it now!
  9. it's nice to know you trust me so much! :p

    i would at least have the common courtesy to send ransom notes or something.
  10. ^^ "I'm holding your damier bag hostage. You will never see your bag again if you try to locate it or contact the police. It is living a happy existence with me so just forget about it. Move on..."

  11. you'll get a letter..."your bag has run away to, of all places, georgia. it has a new life here. and should you pursue trying to find it, it will be forced to go into witness protection"
    just watch your back in charlotte. :devil:

    (jk. you know i loves ya!)
  12. LOL!!! I'll see you in Charlotte. The damier however is choosing to stay home...

  13. noooo!!!

    now i don't want to come. :p
  14. LOL! Well, I'll see what I can do! I'll promise her a new accessory if she comes!

    Ok, I'm thinking Carly is the winner here! So, shall I purchase one w/ my F&F when it arrives?? (I need this like a whole in the head!)
  15. YES! buy it with f&f!

    what accessory you buying? :graucho:

    (dangit, i want my ludlow to come!)