Which one would you use forever?

  1. Okay, I am trying to decide on two bags. I have wanted a metallic bag & a red bag forever. I found two that I like but I only want to buy one for now. Which one do you think can stand the test of time & look classy & sharp 5 years from now?

  2. who makes the first bag? I think that metallics are "seasonal" and doesn't quite go with everything. JMO

    I have the Anna Corrina Jet Setter jr, and love that one! It's a really good size for travel and for work. And it looks great in glazed ruby! Very nice blue red, not too bright or flashy, just gorgeous. Pls let us know what you decide to get. (we can help you look for the best deals if you need some ideas!)
  3. I agree that the metallics may be a bit trendy. The red one is gorgeous.
  4. I am just IN LOVE with the AC and just liking the silver (the more I stare at them :smile:)
    I was thinking of getting the AC at Revolveclothing.com. I have a 20% off coupon so the total would be like $376.00. Do you know where I could get a better deal? Thanks!
  5. I also found one on Amazon.com for 206.00!!!! I know some people have been hesitant to buy from Amazon but this isn't sold by another vendor. It is actually sold by Amazon however, they only have it in Eggplant. Now I am torn between Ruby & Eggplant. There is a 170.00 price different.
  6. The red bag is beautiful and definately a long term keeper. I always like the look of metallic bags, but the two I've bought I've ended up selling on eBay.
  7. hmm, that might be the only one right now for that color. That's still a good deal!

    Lunaboston had it on sale a while back. Maybe if you call them, they might be able to find one for you, and then if you use the code grechen, you can save another 20%?

    if you don't mind it in tobacco (i have this color it's a reddish brown), it's $234 here:

    good luck!
  8. eggplant is gorgeous too! I really like the deep purple color.
  9. Has anyone seen the eggplant IRL? Is it really dark so that it looks almost black or dark brown?
  10. Definitely the red one, as far as style and color. It will have more staying power.
  11. definitely the ruby jetsetter!!
  12. The ruby Jetsetter...that is a very nice looking bag but nothing is over the top or trendy on it so it'll look great years from now too. Plus the colour is really pretty!
  13. I just purchased the Eggplant Anna Corinna Jet Setter. Thanks for your advice ladies. I am so excited!!! I will post pics when it arrives.
  14. ITA- love the red one- it has edge w/o being too trendy. Good call!
  15. Great choice! I have never noticed the Jet Setter Jr. before, but now I am in love with it! I like it much more than the AC City bags. I think this will be my next bag!