Which one would you pick as my first bbag?



  1. First in Plomb/Steel

  2. City in Jaune/Marigold

  3. City in Vert D'eau

  4. None of them! Find another color!

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  1. 1) First in Plomb/Steel

    2) City in Jaune/Marigold

    3) City in Vert D'eau

    and why? I want to use this as an everyday bag.

    I have different uses for the First or City, so either both sizes will be fine for me!

    Thanks! :tup:

  2. Can you do Steel in the City? Is First big enough for your every day use?
  3. If First is big enough size for you, then I vote Steel First:yes:
    But if it's an everyday bag, consider getting it in the City. It's more practical.

    I love the Jaune, but it's not an everyday kinda bag, and same goes for Vert D'eau. Also, if you use them every day, they'll get really dirty fast.
  4. Plomb first, a great neutral that will hopefully be "the one" you never sell!
  5. i can't find a plomb city! these are the choices i have right now..
  6. Of the choices listed I would say jaune city. It is an amazing and surprisingly easy to wear neutral w/ a 'pop. If the step is an option, I would say plomb step. AR has them in stock!
  7. hmm... for an everyday bag, I vote for the city style over the First... you wont get much in a first... as for color... if you really have to go for the above colors, then I vote for marigold... but like Tooshies said the colors not very practical for wear and tear... so how about a city in say the mogano/cinnamon or the sienna? or even the Vert Fonce/olive?
  8. i agree with gwen...
    jaune city will be perfect for everyday, and a great color with pop...
  9. I think you might think the first is an okay size, but it really is very small so I vote for a city. And I think a plomb city would work best because it's a more versatile color and you will get more mileage out of a dark colored bag.
  10. If it were me I would go for the City Jaune~ I think the color is just amazing!!
  11. yep - jaune city. The color is TDF.
  12. :tup: Jaune city. The color is jus so pop!