Which one would you choose

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  1. the Segur MM in myrtile or the speedy 25. Both in Epi leather
    I attached a picture of the segur and I'm sure you all know speedy 25 look like.

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  2. It depends on what your using it for. Maybe the Segur is better for you since you have a small child. It can be hands free. Maybe you can get both ;).
  3. ^^^ I agree!
  4. yeah thats true about the hands free thing, I've never seen a segur on anyone before.. Anyone in this forum have one?? how does it look on?? I just don't want something that looks like I'm going to the office..
  5. ^^^I'm not sure how it looks on, but imo it looks a bit more professional than a speedy. Now you're making me want one. LOL
  6. Depends I like the Segeur for work, the speedy for casual.
  7. I tried on the segur MM and it was too formal for my needs but the segur pm (hand-held one) was very nice:biggrin:
  8. Are you just gpt a Perfo Speedy? If so why not segur MM? (But I like EPI Speedy:lol: )
  9. Segur MM....be different!