Which One Would you Choose?

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  1. My friend got the Saleya last night, it has grown on me, but I really did not like it when we first checked it out. It probably wont be as common as the mezzo either.
  2. Mezzo
  3. It's for my mom. She has Manosque Gm Damier so I got her mono Mezzo instead
  4. mezzo
  5. In the minority here, but I like the Mezzo too (though both are nice). The mezzo just looks like it may be a bit less hard/structured (at least that is the way it looks on the many photos I've seen of Angelina Jolie with it on).
  6. I like the mezzo better. I love the damier style but really do not like the zipper on the front of the saleya.
  7. You guys are the best!! Hands down the best insight! I got to try on the Saleya today, we didn't bond, it just wasn't the love at first sight I had for the MM. Funny enough I liked the Mezzo very much, even more than the first time I bought it, that may be it, and sure those pics of the gorgeous Ms. Jolie with her Mezzo didn't hurt either hee hee!