Which One Would you Choose?

Dec 6, 2005
OK guys between Cabas Mezzo and Damier Saleya GM. I had Mezzo for about two weeks before my sister guilted me out of it :sad: . I liked it didn't love it though, but boy I miss its functionality. Then there's the Saleya, I adore my MM, just love it, great shape, but something about the pocket on the front of the GM puts me off a bit. I really just need a big tote for ovenight trips with the little one. Pics from Elux are below. Thanks all!


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Nov 1, 2005
i'd definitely go for the saleya...the zipper pocket would be functional and handy to have especially when travelling via plane...keep your tickets/boarding passes/ etc right there close by and easy accessible.

the mezzo is okay...i mean, even though you can protect your bag and all that, it's too much work to watch out for the naked vachetta on the bottom...saleya is much better in that aspect.

looks wise, i love the saleya...i think personally i'm moving away from mono and onto other prints, so if I had to choose, it would definitely be the saleya.


finding my ♥BLISS♥
Feb 21, 2006
ayla said:
I'm not feeling the pocket so much either.. why not get the best of both worlds and just SO a damier piano ? ;)

i totally agree!! i saw one (a damier piano) in person and it is gorgeous!! plus you don't have to worry about water marks or anything on the bottom with the damier :smile:
Dec 6, 2005
^^^ I know I have though about the SO, but the price? and can I wait that long? Maybe I should research this more. Blackbutterfly (I love the Rock!) I think maybe I'm moving away from mono a bit too. I can't believe I said that, never thought I'd see the day, especially since I used to hate Damier, pre-PF of course!


Jan 30, 2006
I tried on the Saleya GM and it is HUGE and found that it did not sit well under my shoulder .. the zipper part seemed to stick out a fair amount. What about an atigua GM in darker colour it seems to be a good size travel tote.
Feb 11, 2006
Do you ever feel like the perfect bag doesn't exist? I'm not a fan of damier but I think I would prefer the Saleya GM if it was mono without the zipper :smile:

If I had to choose between the two, I would go for the Mezzo.