Which One Would you Choose?

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  1. OOPS - just realized you bought the MM. Congrats!
  2. Damier
  3. Definitely Damier and definitely the Saleya (MM). I love the look of the tote with the Damier pattern.
  4. Damier - no watermarks and the bag looks new forever.
  5. Have you tried how the rolled handles feel over the shoulders on the Damier? I like both bags but I don't like the zipper across the bag on the Saleya. Also, what you might want to consider is that the on the Saleya, the bottom is less wider than the top, which would mean wider things might not sit as nicely on the bottom of the bag as the Mezzo. On the Mezzo, the base length is longer and is wide. Something to take into consideration.

    The thing about the Mezzo is the naked Vanchetta. That's my biggest worry about the one I have. The perfect bag really would be a SO Damier in Mezzo. :love:
  6. saleya:nuts:
  7. Definitely Damier Saleya GM! It's worry-free!
  8. I agree...Saleya all the way !!
  9. If I needed an overnight tote bag to carry baby/kids clothes, etc, then I would go for the Cabas Mezzo. It looks more like a relaxed, carry-all bag. The Damier tote looks a bit structured, more like a bag to carry to the office. : )
  10. I've seen a Damier Mezzo and it was beautiful! I'd get that... :smile:
  11. I say damier
  12. Oh my god, I had to choose from both bag last week when I was in store. Saleya GM is huge..much bigger tha mezzo.I love red alcantra lining tho. I think Saleya PM is perfect size
  13. So what you'd get luvmono??!!! The PM :biggrin:
  14. Definitely the Damier, for two reasons: 1) The rolled handles are so much more comfortable than the strap handles and 2) the Damier canvas and ebony leather are very, very durable. No more worrying about being caught in the rain with naked vachetta! ;)
  15. MEZZO!!!:love: