which one would be better for me?

  1. hi,

    after acquiring the vintage brown box kelly 32, i'm hoping to get another kelly in the future. i'm trying to decide whether i should get a red clemence kelly35 with gold hardware or black clemence kelly32 with silver hardware. for size reference, i'm 5'5" and am also wondering if the kelly 35 would look too big for me?

    please help me decide...any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks in advance:heart:
  2. Black or red...32...or 28...
  3. I'm a bit confused as to why the black would be the smaller size but you'd like the red in a 35....
    I would need to know more info such as whether you find the 32 sellier roomy enough for your needs? Are there situations where this kelly doesn't fit your lifestyle for some reason (e.g. too large, too formal...)? What I like to do is take note of my wardrobe from day-to-day & see what colours would fit or may be missing in my bags. Then I also consider the kinds of events etc that I usually go to & see if there's a certain style of bag that may be missing. For example, I am missing a shoulder bag at the moment & want something more casual than my box sellier kelly. So I have pretty well decided on a clemence kelly in a colour that will go with 90% of my wardrobe (graphite). HTH!
  4. I guess it would depend what you want to use them with/for. If it's for work, then I'd personally want a bigger bag. For formal occasions, something smaller.
  5. cause those aremy options to choose from:sweatdrop: and the size 32 is too small for everyday (w/kids)....but i'm worried about the 35 looking too big.
  6. I don't think the 35cm would look too big on you but it will get pretty heavy especially in clemence. I wouldn't rule out the 32cm though.....in a pliable leather like Togo or Clemence you will be surprised how much it can hold! And then if you invest in the canvas strap, you can use the bag as a messenger which is a really wonderful look AND practical at the same time!
  7. The 32 holds a lot. But if you are thinking of putting children's toys and sippy cups in it ... nope... it probably wouldn't do!

    I have 32 Togo and it amazes me how light my bag is. I have a ton of H accessories in it, per my avatar, and the bag is such a pleasure to carry... not heavy at all.
  8. Maria, I'd say both black and red are nice and work wonderfully into most wardrobes. I don't know about sizes, but just wanted to say "hi!" :p
  9. i'm 5'6" and i love a 35 on me. i was on the heavier side so i felt like anything smaller was too small for me. but still i could carry off a 32 (surprisingly to me!). now i'm about 3 sizes down and i still think i would stick with a 35 but then again i like big bags. personally i don't think you can go wrong with any size kelly (except maybe the itty bitty one. lol)