which one to get?!

  1. i feel like half my threads are 'which one should i get?', but i always get the best advice from tpf! :yes:

    i decided to return my damier azur and just buy it again later on. i have my eye on a few things:

    envelope plate ($390)
    multicolore pochette mm ($330)
    pomme cles ($200)

    any opinions on which one i should get? i'm really leaning AWAY from the envelope plate, because as much as i'm absolutely in LOVE with it in pomme, i could only get it in perle, which i'm not loving too much. the pochette mm is much bigger than the plate and i think could be more useful. and, well, the vernis cles is gorgeous, but for only $130 more, i could get the mm. someone help me! :p

    here's the link to the pochette mm: eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Monogram Multicolore Pochette MM Louis Vuitton
  2. My vote goes to get the Multicolore Pochette MM .... its on my wish list too. :graucho:
  3. I vote for multicolor pochette MM.
  4. i REALLY need to stop browsing eLux at work! now i'm thinking i should get the mc wapity. does a cles fit inside it?

    someone PLEASE drag me away from lv accessories. i'm possessed. :nuts:
  5. Get the multicolore pochette mm. I'm getting one too.
  6. MC Wapity!
  7. My vote is for the multicolore pochette mmor the Wapity!
  8. Either multi pochette mm or wapity. Both can fit quite a bit. It really depends on what you're going to put them.
  9. i will vote for the MC Pochette...
  10. wapity
  11. Oooh the MC pochette! It's so pretty, and especially great if you don't have any other MC's! That is going to be my next purchase in White.
  12. my vote is for the MC pochette. I love everything in the MC line.
  13. cles
  14. I would go with the pomme cles, it's a cute little inexpensive item.

    the mm pochette is cute, but I would rather put that money towards a bag....a little much for an accessory imo.
  15. multicolore pochette mm