Which one to get in Automne? Help me decide pls

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Which style to get in Automne?

  1. Automne Work GSH

  2. Automne PT GSH

  3. Automne Work RH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok for my next bag I definitely want something in Automne. I do not have a PT or work and I want to get your opinion on both bags. I like the shape of the work more but I wish the handles are longer and that I won't have trouble carrying it on my shoulders. The PT GSH I like the shape once it is broken in, and when it is not so E/W. I also like the longer handles on the PT, and the strap will make carrying it easier when the bag gets heavy. Which one would you rather get and why? I am kinda leaning on getting something with GSH too.

    BTW, I searched and cannot find the answer, do the handles on the PT GSH longer than the Work GSH?
  2. I'm so glad you asked this question because I have a similar decision to make but not for another 2 months or so... I'm not much help as I can't decide between a RH WE, GSH WE, and GSH City... :P but I can tell you that the PT handles are longer than the Work (which is why I'm thinking WE if I go with a bigger bag). HTH :flowers:
  3. I know you are Sep! I am curious to find out which one you'll get. Yesterday it was the Work GSH, today it is PT GSH. I wish my order won't arrive soon so I'll have more time to decide. Glad to know the PT handles are longer. My city GSH fits nicely on my shoulders now that the handles have stretched but I think with the work my only option is to get it with GSH. BTW, I am so jealous you got the VT PT GGH, and would like to see how it looks now. I wanna see that PT slouch.

    Calling Ooogiewoogie... Please post modeling pics of your Automne PT GSH, pretty please?
  4. The giant PT handles are longer and much more comfortable than the giant work handles. The PT handles are thicker too.

    That all said, I prefer both saddle and automne with RH versus GH. It's just a preference is all; I feel the colors blend better with RH.

    Now that I have a RH city, GH city, RH work, GH work, and GH PT, I find the GH city and PT to be the most comfortable to carry. I swear the RH city is smaller now than back in 03 when I had a black RH city. My RH saddle city is slightly smaller than my SGH anthra city.
  5. My vote goes to Automne WorK RH! :winkiss:
  6. Good point Roey! I do find my City GSH to be my most comfortable bag to carry, even on my shoulders as the handles have stretched quite a bit. And I also like Automne either with RH or GSH that is why it is so hard to decide.
  7. Thanks Antubella! I just wish over time it will look like your lovely Choco work. Are the handles longer now? I think I may have the same dilemna as beauxgoris with the work RH. The handles with the work RH are the same as city RH, no?
  8. I am considering getting an Automne too. But I'm thinking of PT RH as I prefer SGH on cooler colours. I think browns look better with either GGH or RH. I like the Work shape more too, but for me the PT is a more manageable style for everyday despite the EW shape which I'm not too keen on. I'm going to Singapore in a week so I'm hoping to check out Bal Singapore.
  9. I KNOW...

    Ooogiewoogies yummy pics with GSH are super convincing!



    On the other hand... Cracker's pics of an 05 RH Weekender (can't remember what color) keep making me go back and forth on which hardware to choose!


    323.jpg 324.jpg 0114.jpg 0115.jpg
  10. ^^ Good call on those photos! Especially oogies!

    I voted for Oooogie oooogie oooogie's PT.
  11. Oogie's bag is drop dead GORGEOUS. I vote SGH PT!!!

    Handles, my GH PT handles feel longer than RH Work handles but then it is prob the shape of the PT which curves in at the top & makes shoulder slinging more comfy IMO.
  12. I just got the RH PT in Automne- my 1st bbag. I got it b/c
    1. The carry handles fit comfortably on the shoulder
    2. The long strap can be worn cross-body.
    3. It holds lots
    4. The RH blends so nicely w/ the color

    It's perfect for me.
  13. Jesskaz pls post pics of your PT.
  15. Here it is- I posted in another thread but figure I'll just do it again

    on elbow, shoulder and messenger. Sorry the pix are crummy.
    mod pic.jpg on shoulder.jpg messenger.jpg