Which one to buy first--Grande Shopper tote or Mademoiselle tote?

  1. I reacently fell in love w/ the grande shopper tote and went to look at it again in the store on Tuesday.

    Its more of a dressy looking bag but I think it can be dressed up or down. So its on my list. In black. I saw the beige and liked it too but I want the black.

    Then I also had an SA show me last seasons Mademoiselle tote in a lighter color that I didnt care for. But she explained how this years tote will look little different and I LOVE the feeling of the lambskin.

    I want to get it in black when it comes in.

    SO....my dilemma? Which one to buy first? I like them both and want them both so no need to post why I should get one over the other. I will eventually get them both. :shame: :lol:

    But because they are pricey bags I'm trying to decide which one to get first. Because it will a few months or more before I can make the second purchase.

    So help :upsidedown: :wlae:

    I'm going to find pics to post of each bag.
  2. Here's the shopper tote courtesy of another PF'ers thread. :wlae:

  3. I love the Madamoiselle line, so I'm going for that.
  4. My pics again if they help you decide...

    Sorry I can't help more...I had to have them both... :love:
    Chanel Bags 001.jpg Chanel Bags 002.jpg
  5. I loove the grande shopper.:heart:It has the classic Chanel elements and those BIG Cs to let people know you've arrived. I'm glad your having us compare two similar things. Not like comparing a grande shopper and a caviar flap bag.:graucho: I need BIG BAGS.:yes:
  6. I haven't liked the madamoiselle line so far. I'm not fond of the lock or the design of the bags. I think you should get the grande shopping bag first, especially because it's currently in stock!

    Edited to say now that pics of the madamoiselle have been included here they remind me of pleated lampshades. :lol: But really nice ones of course.:idea:
  7. Here's last years Mademoiselle tote. This year the chain straps will be different and it will not have a hanging Chanel logo. The logo will be on the bag in the middle (very small CC's--not too loud).

  8. Yes, my pic above shows the new chain straps.
  9. Nevermind. So Cal already posted a pic of the new one. :shame:

    So Cal-- The new one still has the pocket in the back though, right??
    You've got great taste by the way. :lol:

    You have BOTH of the bags that I want :nuts: :wlae:
  10. Girl, use your Reporters, LOL! Or I'm flying to TX to steal the black/white! :biggrin:

  11. LOL. :roflmfao: ^^^

    I will get the family cockerspanial/poodle (cockapoo) mix to bite your ankles. :lol:

    I will be the first to admit that its ONLY because of the forum that I'm nutzo over bags.

    I swear I don't need to buy another bag for atleast a year or two but I keep finding stuff that I want. Its CRAZY! Its the forum darnit!! The darn forum. :wlae:

    I have atleast 4 brand new bags, all over 1K that have not seen the light of day since I bought them. :upsidedown: WTF?

    ---------My name is Iuvbags and I am a purse-a-holic :shame: :lol: :angel:
  12. Get the grande shopper! It is such a dreamy bag
  13. I know exactly what you mean - I went from 1 to 4 Chanel bags in 3 months time. But to my credit, I returned 3 bags in my collection to department stores and greatly reduced some debt. I don't want to go into debt for more bags. After I get the 4th Chanel this weekend (a gift from my sister), that's it! I'm terminating my membership to PF! :biggrin:

  14. ^^^Hee hee. No--you can't leave the forum. Just control yourself. LOL :lol:

    Perhaps it becasue of what you said above why I don't feel as guilty when I buy bags. I don't buy on credit. I use my check card or American Express. American express does not count because I pay it off every month.

    No debt for me. :flowers: Also from time to time I will sell bags that I don't use. That frees up spending money too.
    Does that mean I can but more bags??? Just kidding. :wlae:

    Oops.-- Confession. I actually did charge a Fendi Spy on my mastercard a few months back. It ate me up. I felt so guilty. I vowed to pay it off when the bill arrived.

    I ended up returning it though. :upsidedown: :roflmfao:
  15. I personally prefer the Grand Shopping Tote.
    The MM tote is just too big and boxy on me.
    Here's the Grand on me before I returned it.
    DSCF1334.JPG DSCF1335.jpg