which one strikes your fancy??

  1. if the leather looks better then it does online id go with the brown one i think, but the blue one looks cool and yummy lol..
    40065_SVCB_d2.jpg 40134_B4TO_d2.jpg
  2. I like the blue one. If it matches the blue flap bag they just came out with, it's a really nice color. I think they called it chambray, it was totally TDF in person.
  3. I like the blue one..I don't like the lower stitch on the brown one.
  4. I love earth tones! I would go with the brown.
  5. brown
  6. brown would probably be easier to match to a bag but I like the blue!
  7. I love them both, but, would prolly go with the blue since I have various brown wallets already lol :smile:
  8. Blue for me
  9. blue
  10. I'd go with the blue one.
  11. Another vote for blue!
  12. I love the tobacco brown, it goes so well with so many bags.
  13. Both!
  14. LOL! i wishh..well maybe actually lol, yeah lol serendipity3kb already figured me out, ill probably buy one now and then soon another lollllllllllllllllllll. but to start out with its looking like the blue? im heading there tomorrow so we'll see!
  15. blue :smile: