Which one should I get?

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  1. I already have a black bag, but I really want a black leather from the Madison collection. I just love that shiny look it has. The problem is that I can't decide.

    I already own:
    -Black leather Penelope shopper
    -small grey leather Sabrina
    -medium chocolate Zoe
    -periwinkle Audrey (might return)

    I ordered the leather Claire, but I'm not sure I can keep her. She isn't quite what I expected and a little too big for me. I don't know if I want to get another Audrey because I have the periwinkle one (although I might return it). Audrey is a good size, but a little boxy.

    I like that the Hailey is crossbody, but I'm not in love with the shape. The Maggie is nice, but I'm not sure I want a shoulder bag. I love the Madison Hippie, but it is just a little to tall for me. Not liking the carryall as much as I thought I would either.

    Which Madison would you get? Would you just keep the Claire and try to get used to the size? I really wish the hippie came in a smaller size. Yes, I am really overthinking all of this and annoying myself. I just can't stop myself! :wacko: Coach makes me crazy :P
  2. how about sabrina with silver hardware she's soo pretty

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  3. ^^She is really pretty. I love my small sabrina, but she is a wee bit too small and the small is all that's left. I guess I could try my luck with the bay. Just not sure.
  4. I think you should get the Madison Carry-All :smile:
  5. I'd have to say the Hailey, it's shape kinda changes and gets smushier, which I love. Plus the fact that it's a crossbody or shoulder bag.
  6. AGREED! You didn't mention that one and the Carryall fits the bill. It has a better shape than Claire IMO, can be worn different ways, has better organization, and definitely comes in the gorgeous black Madison leather.
  7. ^I thought she said she wasn't feeling the carryall? If I were you I'd go for the Black Large Sabrina w/ Silver hardware :yes:
  8. Its not a Madison bag, but how about a black Garnet? It has the same amazing, kinda sparkly leather, its a classic shape, comes in small and large and they are still at some of the outlets now on clearance so you may be able to get one for under $200. I just love mine - my perfect black leather bag. Good luck deciding!
  9. Try the Madison shoulder bag # 13250. It has beautiful pealized black leather with silver hardware. Can carry short strap, long strap or crossbody. It has lots of room.

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  10. I thought I would be head over heals for the Carryall, but it's wasn't meant to be when I saw it in person. Maybe it was just the one I saw, but the leather wasn't as shiny as the other Madisons that were there. I really liked the Hippie, but it was just a little too big. Maybe I should get over it.

    I did look at the shoulder bag at the outlet, but put it back. Maybe I will check it out again if they still have any. At the time, I felt like it was overpriced for what it was.
  11. Ahhh I see.... hmmmm what about another line that's not the Madison? I can't think of any of the top of my head that have the same shiny leather, but there's bound to be another line that shares the same leather. Hmmm..
  12. If you have an outlet close that still has the madison shoulder bag go check that out.

    Have you tried Hailey on? I wasn't crazy about it until I put it on, and now I love it.

    You can't go wrong with a large black/silver sabrina either.
  13. I've gotta say, out of all the Madison bags I have (which is 2 Lg. Sabrina's & Julianne) I am head over heels for my Julianne!!!

    Honestly, I traded another bag for it and figured I'd end up selling it but that was NOT the case!!! I'd give Julianne a TRY!!! I think she would feel like LESS bag then the Claire. The sheen to mine is AWESOME and she's held up like a champ!!! I'd say she get's the 2nd most use of ALL my bags and I have a $HIT TON of black bags!!!!

    She's SO FABULOUS carried with a longer strap (available on the bay) and worn crossbody and I'm not a gal who wears ANY bags crossbody!!!

    I could go on and on about Julianne, all the way down to the great little zipper pocket on her backside for quick stowing of keys and cell phone!!!!
  14. Here's some pic's to encourage you!!! LOL

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  15. Black Sabrinas, in both large and small, are still showing on the Coach website.

    My choice would be the Madison black shoulder bag or even the Julianne, but you may prefer satchels.

    BTW, the black leather Audrey is beautiful too.
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