Which one should I get rid of? Help!

  1. I really like pink bags & here is what I have bought >> I can't keep both. Help! I am so undecisive. So which one should I get rid of?

    The Chanel pink cambon OR LV vernis?

    The good thing with Chanel is light & comfortable on the shoulder. The patent leather on the LV is more durable..& the interior is also leather. Stylewise..which is better? Which is more versatile? I have attached pictures of both.

  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. One more thing...I know if I ask this question in the Chanel OR the LV forum...I will get biased comments so it's better to post my question in this forum. :smile: Many thanks!
  4. I'd say keep the Chanel. You'll use it forever and it's perfect for all seasons. The LV seems a bit more for the warmer seasons.
  5. Ok... I usually hate Chanel and love LV... but in this case... keep the Chanel, it's prettier IMO.
  6. KEEP the Chanel! It's so pretty!
  7. keep the LV. The shape, structure and size seem more versatile to me. I think you'll be less bored with it over time. Plus I love the framboise color on that bag (if that's what it is :smile:.
  8. DO NOT LET GO OF THE CHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so petit, not to mention cute, girly and blondish!

    soooo much more unusual then the LV
  9. DO NOT LET GO OF THE CHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so petit, not to mention cute, girly and blondish!

    soooo much more unusual then the LV
  10. Typically, I'm biased in favor of Chanel - but in this case, it's the color that speaks. I love both bags, too - and wouldn't be able to make a decision easily....but....I'd keep the LV. That color may not be seen again - and I did see it in person in BH, and it just pulled me right into the LV store, where I never usually go.

    Realized this thread isn't being helpful to you at all - since we're coming down on both sides Here's the reason to keep the Chanel: it looks great with your coloring, and the shape is way more zesty. So I guess I changed my mind.

    Chanel. You can always pick up something in that other color - but the style of the Chanel, for Spring of 07, and the shape - the way it looks on you is adorable.
  11. OMG!
    I that a fuchsia houston :nuts: :nuts: or framboise?
    figure out a way to keep both ..there both awesome!!!
  12. I'm with the other posters- the Chanel looks fabulous on you, I'd go with that one! It's just so fresh and YOU! :smile:
  13. Thank you everyone! Please keep the comments coming! I am always so undecisive in everything & it really helps to hear you guys' comments! I wish I have money to keep both though. :smile:

    callalillyanne: Paris hilton is carrying that chanel. I wish I look that good too..:smile:

    Lisasbags: That's the framboise houston! Somehow the lighting makes it look like a fuchsia houston.

    Melisande R.: The chanel does look more zesty...I am in my 20s...& I sometimes think the houston makes me look a little bit older.
  14. I like the chanel better than the LV.
  15. I prefer the Chanel ;)