Which one should I get? Kelly/L'Ingénieux/Chanel?

  1. Im not sure which bag I should get so I need some advice :smile:

    I just saw a Kelly orange 32cm
    I tried on the Suhali L'Ingénieux (pm) I think
    But I've always loved Chanels so another one wouldnt hurt.

    What do you guys think?
  2. can u post pics so we can compare?
  3. Sure I will get those up AS SOON AS I FIND THEM :smile: please wait for me!
  4. :P cool...
  5. [​IMG]

    But in White and Gold hardware


    Or my last choice is the Chanel deerskin zipped tote (Sorry cant find pictures of it right now but its in another forum I think)
  6. the kelly is totally classic. it's great as investment, but i myself don't really like this bag. and this bag needs to be wear with the right dress.
    the LV, i love this style a lot too, i loved it in black and white too. it's a great bag, but it's formal look too. need to wear the clothes in the right way to carry the bag well.
    the chanel happens to be my fave look, it's slouchy, it's simple & can be wear in a tone up and tone down look.
  7. the Kelly is a classic pice that you can own the rest of yourlife and it will always be timeless.
  8. i'd have go against the majority and say the L'Ingenieux. it's not something you see everyday, and the leather is unbelievably exquisite :love:. i don't like the look of the Kelly, and i much prefer the Birkin, but that's just me
  9. Ditto:yes:
  10. I'd go with either the Kelly or the L'Ingenieux.
    But between those two, I'd go with the L'Ingenieux in black or white. I love the look of the black though :heart:
  11. seahorse: yes I was concern if the Kelly is too dressy also but the SA did say bcs mine is an soupe (inner stitching) its more causal so I can wear it everyday which is important because I dont like to just store my bags in the closet. I feel the same about the Chanels, so easy to wear.

    harlem & chanelvgirl: yes a classic for life, one that all purse lovers must have right? I was thinking that too. but I am pretty young I could wait but the chance IS HERE-now...

    yeux: I didnt really like the L'ingen until I tried it on then I was WOW-

    lvbaby: me to if not white / black is my other choice since with black i will never notice the dirt on it and that will mean less stress! (since white bags can be stressful at times)
  12. Kelly
  13. Completely agree.:yes:
  14. LIngenieux. Hands down. I love white suhali and it is a classic style that you can dress up or down.
  15. Chanel!!!