which one...Portobello gm or de speedy b 35?

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Which one?

  1. Portobello gm

  2. DE speedy b 35

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. As most of you know that today is Portobello's launch date, so i got a call from louis vuitton since i've got it on reserve...
    i can't decide...
    i've been contemplating on de speedy b 35 for some time now, but really not sure since i have evora mm and i've purchased (still on the way) a long strap to wear it crossbody... i think i'm still considering speedy b bcoz i want it to be a workhorse / thrown around bag. while i'm afraid of wearing evora crossbody and brushing it against things and bumping into people.

    please put price into consideration too
    for reference, i have trevi pm & evora mm that has handle & strap like speedy b, and as for hobo i have mono galliera pm, delightful gm, artsy mm but no de hobo bag...have de tote - westminster gm.

    So which one would you choose -
    Portobello gm or de speedy b 35?

    thanks :smile:
  2. Love the Portabello GM. :loveeyes: Too bad I'm on a ban since buying 2 Mahina L bags in 1 month. So get one!
  3. We seem to have the same taste in bags! I have been having the same debate with myself. My s/a even went so far as to take photos of herself modeling both bags since we are almost the same height. I noticed in the picture that she was holding the handle of the Portobello on her shoulder, like it was slipping off. I just don't get good vibes from this bag overall especially considering the price point is almost $350 more (than the Speedy B DE) with a lot less detail. The slippery strap, the potential for the handle to wrinkle and crack, the hardware to scratch and potentially tarnish, not to mention the only carrying option is on the shoulder.

    My own dilemma is I hate the new cloth tag and here in the US it is almost impossible to find a Speedy B DE without one. It's what holding me back from making the purchase. You will probably have better luck finding a MIF being in Canada if you make that choice.
  4. thanks! :smile:
  5. :smile: Yeah, i've noticed that we really have the same taste in bags, i used to own a bbag in red just like the one in your dp. :flowers:
    thanks, I think i should better stray away from portobello then, hobo bags have a hard time staying on my shoulder :sad: my galliera pm always slips off and i have to carry it on the crook of my arm... wonder if its bcoz my fall jacket is "slippery". I'm intending to wear the speedy b mostly as crossbody, so more of a running around, outdoor excursions, theme park/zoo kinda bag.

    Its almost impossible to find a MIF bags over here in canada too... almost all of my bags bought recently are MIU & with cloth tags, i've come to realize thats just how its gonna be. :sad: it doesnt bother me anymore.

    The strap i purchased for evora should be here this morning, so hopefully i can decide if i need speedy b or not soon.

    Good luck finding your MIF de speedy b :heart:
  6. I would pick the Portobello. Both are gorgeous choices, but I personally prefer the Speedy as a handheld bag. I still like the Speedy B, but not as much as the Portobello.

    My advice would be to try both of them on in the boutique. See how they both feel, and how they look in the mirror. Hopefully, you'll fall in love with one more than the other.

    Good luck!