which one is cuter?

  1. :shrugs: Petit Noe in mongram or epi? I do have a few monogram bags but I love monogram and it is cheaper. On the other hand, epi very durable and no vachetta.
  2. I've been trying to decide this too. I like both! The vachetta on the bottom of the mono does concern me, though. I just LOVE epi, so I think I'm going with epi. But the mono is so classic and goes with everything!
  3. EPI!!!!!!!, the mono is nice but its going to be hard to get a nice pantina on it. Some girl in my Government class has a reg noe,and the bottom is black :cursing:
  4. I would have to say it in monogram.
  5. How about mini monogram!
  6. mono canvas for me
  7. I would go for the epi!
  8. I like it in mono
  9. I like the epi.
  10. Oh, boy, the votes are half and half! This is going to be hard!
    Jen, ewww, the bottom was black, that's not too appealing, but when it's new it's so pretty.
  11. i would say epi...durability wins me over :graucho:
  12. hmm I vote EPI!!
  13. epi!
  14. definitely epi! i never liked the mono noe... just doesn't appeal to me.
  15. I'm bad. I got one of each, but they are used. Two older bags for the price of one new one.