Which one do you like best?

  1. I think I have narrowed my watch search down to this David Yurman and this Cartier...which do you like best?


  2. Both watch styles are very different, but I prefer the David Yurman by far. It's more artsy and feminine looking and just more pleasing to the eye. The David Yurman watch is the classier choice, I think!
    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I love the band on the David Yurman
  4. Yurman for sure!
  5. I like the David Yurman one :tup:
  6. David Yurman
  7. Yurman.

    Maybe the Cartier looks better in person, but it sure looks uninspired in the pic!
  8. cartier by far!!!!
  9. omg, david yurman for sure.
  10. I love the Cartier, imo I think its a classic!x
  11. Cartier is gorgeous, really timeless.. something that would never go out of style!
  12. Cartier that DY one looks like it came from one of those vending machine things, where u twist it and out pops the bubble with a present. Where i am from DY doesnt even have a store so i dont know if thats the reason, but it looks cheap and tacky to me IMHO. although I think it has more potential IRL than that pic. but of the too Cartier is def. my choice
  13. Love the Cartier. Clean and simple, a true classic :heart:
  14. The Cartier - it looks so much better IRL.
  15. Cartier