which one can hold more...

  1. the mini pochette accessoires or the pochette florentine...pictures will be greatly appreciated.

    sorry if this has been asked before, maybe somebody can lead me to the right direction...

    Thanks so much...:smile:
  2. i think the florentine. it has a wider opening and is just a bit bigger.
  3. thanks..do you think it's worth getting?
  4. i always love the florentine, i think its a great value clutch. i see LV SA wearing them as hip bag and it looked so cool. i think it's worth it definately.
  5. I like the Mini Pochette more, you can wear it a couple different ways, and the florentine is just a clutch, unless you get the belt along with it.
  6. the florentine is what is given to permanent employees of lv to use on the floor. they fit a lot, look great belted and are just plain cute. you have a bag that works 2 ways, and that's hard to find. i just don't want to have to buy the belt and the bag separate.

    since i am currently TAKEN by the gold chain (can't wait for Sophie to hit the us!) I am going to get the mini pochette soon. then again, i am LOOKING for something tiny, not trying to fit as much as possible or anything.

    for space? florentine.
  7. I have both. I will try to post some pics later today after I go shopping for our New Year's eve party.
  8. killer, michelle! have fun at the party!
  9. hey you could buy pre owned and have both. this is a fantastic deal. looks real to me. if you like it, post it in authenticate this to have a couple others look at it.
  10. i think the mini pochette is cuter! i don't like bags that wear around the hips so maybe that's why i'm biased. anyhows! the florentine as a clutch itself is cute too!

    for spacewise, the florentine holds more.