Which One And Why?

  1. which one and why? :confused1:

    josephine pm (black/grey)


    vernis reade pm (pearle/rouge)

  2. Vernis Reade PM because it's so shiny and feminine! Also, I remember seeing a post (Nita?) that had 5 tomato cans in a Reade so it does carry quite a bit!
  3. the Josephine PM is more practical. i have that and it can fit a lot, plus it can be used as a handheld or shoulder bag :yes:. and it's more low-maintenance than the Vernis
  4. I loove my vernis reade pm!! it is great!
  5. I'd go with the Reade in Rouge. It's GORGEOUS and it's a really easy color to take care of.
  6. I would get a rouge Reade. I don't like the Josephine.
  7. Hey, they're two completely different style of bags.

    One is more subtle
    The other one is more girlie/spring-y...

    I don't know, I would get both :biggrin:

  8. I agree. Vernis is so pretty! :love:
  9. hahha. i agree :yes: so I won't have a hard time deciding..:hysteric:
  10. hi guys more opinions would be greatly appreciated... thanks:girlsigh:
  11. Agree. The Reade is very small and open top.
  12. vernis, because vernis is just sooo cute!