Which of your bags has the darkest patina?

  1. Which bags out of your LV collection have the darkest patina? I love patina so I would love to find out. Pictures of your patina are welcome! :heart:

    For me, its my mono speedy 30, which is my throw around bag ;)
  2. Mine is my khaki graffiti pochette. I bought it 2nd hand off eBay...it is such a dark chestnut color (or maybe dark honey?)...it looks fabulous!
  3. Mine is the petite bucket. I've had it for 2 years now.
  4. at the moment i'd have to say a toss up between my noe and speedy 25
  5. oh nice girls! id love to see pics!
  6. My speedy 30, got from Let trade with a dark patina already, cleaned her up and she is now my everyday throw around bag, I needed something like this running around with a 1 yr old that will hold up well, but can stand a little tough love.
  7. Speedy graffiti Khaki
  8. MY MC keepall is very dark, probably because it goes everywhere with us in the summer.

    2nd is probably my manhattan GM, which darkened very fast for some reason...probably because I travelled with it, is some very hot places when I first got it.
  9. MC Pochette, my first LV bag! : )
  10. Jeune fille here. Very pantina'd and so beat up it is really time for a replacement but I haven't found anything else I like better.
  11. Mono speedy 25, my first bag
  12. my cherry blossom pochette, since it was also my first and oldest bag.

  13. :heart: id love to see a picture of that!

  14. id love to see pics of yous patina-ed bags too!! :shame:
  15. speedy 35, my fav! and 2nd cerises speedy