Which Nikki leather?


Jan 12, 2008
There are two concord Nikkis in a store near me- both the same color. One is a thinner, veiny leather which makes the bag light and smooshy. It has a real "glow" to it in the light. The other one is smoother with no veins, thick and chewy but it is "flatter" in color (still beautiful) and also a bit heavier. Which should I choose? They are both gorgeous but I am wondering which type of RM leather is considered better or more desirable? And would one hold up better than the other? Thanks.


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Jul 3, 2009
Bay Area/Santa Cruz, California
Which RM leather is considered better and more desirable? It's your preference. What is "better" and "desirable" varies from person to person.

They're most likely from different batches of leather, which is why they are the same color but have different appearances.

Do you like pebbles? Do you like smooth leather? Do you care if your bag is heavy? Do you care if the color is "flat"?