Which navy blue bag--Miu Miu Coffer /or/ Fendi B Hobo???


Which one do you prefer?

  1. Miu Miu Coffer

  2. Fendi B Hobo

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  1. I've been wanting a navy blue shoulder bag for weekend/casual wear. Which one do you prefer, and why?

    They are very close in price, fyi.

    Miu Miu blue Coffer.JPG Fendi blue B hobo.jpg
  2. I personally like the the style of the coffer but I feel like the Fendi would be more appropriate for casual wear. Wow I didn't help.
  3. I like the Coffer - I think the fact that it's got more pockets, and a flap that goes over makes it a HUGE plus!
  4. Ooh-- I kind of like the coffer. I've mostly seen it in neutral colours, so I think the blue is a beautiful change. Not to throw a wrench in the cogs, but have you thought about Balenciaga? They make some lovely blues, too. ;)
  5. Thanks for your responses so far!

    For weeks, I've been intending to buy the blue Coffer. I've always liked the style. Perhaps my hesitation is that I'm not sure it looks good in blue. (It could just be a bad pic and look better IRL.) IMO, the Coffer really looks best in black. Maybe I should wait and get it in black.

    Meanwhile, I just noticed the blue Fendi on several shopping websites, and I'm surprisingly drawn to it. I haven't been a huge fan of the B bags. But this one is calling me for some reason. It's kind of special and glam while casual at the same time, if that makes any sense. Here are some "modeling pics" from net-a-porter and eLuxury.

    NAP model.jpg elux model.JPG
  6. My first response would have been to tell you to get the Coffer. I love everything about the style. But for some reason, I do not like the Coffer in this color! IMO, it appears dull & drab and I don't think the color does the style justice. Again, love the style but I would get it in one of the other great colors they have. I really do like the Fendi! That color pops and the shape/size is great!

    Good luck with your decision!

  7. I agree completely! Perhaps if the blue shade was a little brighter, it would work better with Coffer.

    But the style of Coffer is really beautiful! However, I am not particularly fond of B-bag hobo. I like the original B-bag, but hobo is too slouchy for my taste. Then again, this is just my personal preference towards more structured bags.
  8. Coffer! I don't like the texture of the Fendi.
  9. Lol, I am beginning to veer in the same direction: Thinking maybe I need the regular B bag. Forget the casual part.

    Fendi blue patent large B bag.jpg
  10. I don't know why I don't like the Fendi......but it doesn't do a thing for me!
  11. Jumping into the fray...

    I just received the Fendi B Hobo in both the Black, and they are both gorgeous, extremely well made, very lightweight, casual and fresh.

    Personally, I don't like the Coffer style, (sorry I have to disagree with most of you), nor the color, but that was way I felt even before I received the Fendi. The color combination on the Fendi works with Navy, White & Black, as the Blue is not too dark to allow it to work with Black.

    You do realize that there is orangey/yellowish stitching throughout the Fendi bag, which makes it stand out, IMO. Purchased it through eluxury, and had a great experience!

    Hope this helps!
  12. coffer all the way girl
  13. i like the coffer style, but the leather on the fendi is :drool:
  14. I voted for the Coffer and it was my immediate choice but when I saw the Fendi hobo being carried and modelled, I felt differently - very surprising and completely unhelpful - sorry!
  15. I like Coffer better.