Which model do you think...

  1. makes a good gym bag? Something that's hardy and I can throw around? Much appreciated for any opinions! :wlae:
  2. I use my keepall 55 as a gym bag.
  3. I am not sure which size - but I would definitely go with a Damier piece.
  4. I'm going to use my Randonee. It's large enough to hold everything and then some. Plus it's older so I'll feel comfortable throwing it around.
  5. I use my large backpack!:wlae:
  6. I love my evasion, has a shoe compartment underneath....sometimes I use that for my wet bathing suit, too...to keep it away from my other stuff.

    My only complaint is the trim gets water spots so easy. So if there is a damier piece you like...that might work better.
  7. I would def. go for something in Damier! a Large speedy or smaller keepall, don't know how much room you need but those sizes work fine for me....
  8. i love the Mono Carryall :love:. although i don't know if you'd want to use that as a gym bag, because of the vachetta and all :wondering
  9. I like the keepall. You don't need a large one for the gym I don't think.
  10. i will say a reporter GM coz there are 2 compartments, one for shoe and the other for clothing/makeup. i like slings for a gym bag, easy to carry around.
  11. With all the germs in the gym do you really want to use LV and risk scuffing it up or theft? I use an American Eagle tote for workout clothes. <<embarassed smiley>>
  12. I just signed up to the gym today and was thinking the new denim would be great!
  13. I agree..maybe it's just me but I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying an LV gym bag.
  14. Hmmm... The Sac Squash would make a great gym bag... ;)
  15. go with the sac week end antigua
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