Which Mitzy

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  1. Ok - so having the lovely job of replacing my stolen Roxanne, I have decided to go classic rather than seasonal and am loving the Mitzy range. I adore the Daria's but not too keen on this seasons colours so would rather go safe. Having tried all three Mitzy's I am undecided as to which one - any advice?? Thanks
  2. I have a purple patenet medium hobo and it is a gorgeous bag. Not too big and not too small. It won't carry the same amount as a roxanne but is comfortable on the shoulder and easy to find stuff within. If you want to carry more I would go for the tote but not the large hobo as it is huge!
  3. Hi, welcome and sorry to hear someone stole your Roxy!

    There are a few in the Mitzy range, messenger, hobo, large hobo, e/w and clutch (the clutch looks quite nice!). And numerous colours.

    If you get the messenger you can double up the straps up and wear it as the hobo. The messenger bag is identical with the medium hobo. The large hobo is huge, and the tote is prob a bit bigger than messenger/medium hobo, but imo not really that much bigger (you can fill it with more papers etc though).
    Haven't seen the e/w one, so can't comment on that.

    There are a few good threads on Mitzy's on here, if you do a search.

    I'm loving the Mitzy range too ;)
  4. I have the black Mitzy Hobo, and it is actually my favorite every-day bag. It fits everything! It is rather large, but it suits me perfectly as I carry my life with me!
  5. I have the medium hobo and messengers- the larger hobo is just too big for me- it depends on your height and size I guess- I used to have the tote but didnt like the handle at all- I like a bag that can go on the shoulder comfortably- cant comment on the new EW or clutch - if I was you and you can get to a store Id go and try them all on for size and fit
  6. I must second that the large hobo is very big, I am very small and it looks a bit funny on me. But I just need that much space for all my things - lol!!
  7. the mitzys are great they come in all sizes styles and colours. might be nice to get a classic colour such as oak or black. might be worth checking out the reference section?
  8. I love the mitzy range! Especially the e/w and messenger styles! I think oak or black would be a safe bet but the RN is tdf!
  9. I own a few mitzys the tote is really handy as a smaller messenger which you can pull the straps out of if you want to load a few more bits in (fantastic at the airport), the large hobo is lovely but I sometimes feel I have got santa's sack when I get it out to use, most used is the mitzy messenger in oak great when you can change the strap length as previously mentioned and medium hobo also useful as long as you do not need your hands free. All the colours are lovely, rouge noir in the outlets at bargain prices timeless black and oak and so water resistant :love: as you can see I am quite a fan!
  10. Bumping this as am also considering a Mitzy - can the longer strap on the tote bag be used to wear the bag cross-body, or can only the messenger strap be used cross-body? Any pics would be fab - thank you!
  11. Yes, the long strap on the tote is intended to be used as a messenger strap.
    If you do a search on the forum you'll find modelling pics, mainly of messenger and hobo though.

    Good luck =)
  12. Recently I found myself with some vouchers and decided on the Mitzy range too as I wanted something in a durable leather. I tried out all of the range but discounted the hobo (far too big for me) and the tote (handles too small to wear on the shoulder, and looked a funny shape as a messenger) and decided on the grape e/w leopard and black messenger. The messenger is great as it's not too big, and the e/w I just love.
    I have to admit that the e/w has grown on me..... I love the fact that it can be worn 2 ways and it's a great size, roomy but not too big. I use a bag liner in mine which helps it too hold its shape.
    It took me ages to make my choices ( a few months) but i'm really happy with what I finally choose. Good luck and happy hunting!
  13. Shopaholicmum - thanks, I hadn't even considered the EW Mitzy, but that looks like it would do the trick perfectly! Do you know if it ever came in Natural Leopard, or was it just available in the Purple?