Which Miroir do like most?


Whcih Miroir?

  1. Silver Speedy

  2. Gold Speedy

  3. Silver Lockit

  4. Gold Lockit

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  1. Which do you like better? The Speedy or Lockit? Why? TIA!
  2. I don't care I love all the miroirs

    But I think the silver is possibly a little more versatile
  3. It seems like there are not alot of Miroir fans around here.:shrugs:
  4. I like the silver speedy, although I've never seen it IRL. But it looks pretty online!
  5. I love the Miroir line. I have both Speedies (gold and silver) and the gold Pochette though I find myself using the silver Speedy more.
    I'm glad they're making Lockits too but since I do have the Speedies I don't think I need anymore Miroir pieces.
  6. I love the Gold Speedy...

    since I haven't seen the Miroir Lockit IRL yet, I can't say I love it. :p
  7. I wish I had a silver speedy, but guess I will have to settle for the miroir lockit (hopefully!) instead. :smile:
  8. The gold papillon is my favourite miroir piece. ( don't have one though.)
  9. I'm assuming the silver lockit will be very cute. Or I think I've seen a picture floating around the forum before (perhaps photoshopped? not sure).
  10. Miroir Papillon in gold....still debating whether to get the Silver Lockit or not.....
  11. I love the silver speedy
  12. silver speedy is da bomb! i wish i could pull 'em off but its totally not a guy bag. the alma gm in silver is TDF!!
  13. ITA.... ;)
  14. Silver speedy ever since I laid my eyes on it.........

    and still in :love:
  15. I prefer the gold pap too:heart: