Which Mia Leather Satchel?

  1. (I've lurked for a little while, but this is my first post!)

    I am in LOVE with the Mia Leather Satchels, but I can't decide between the white one or the black one. I love, love, LOVE the braided handles on the white one, but I'm not crazy about the brass hardware. On the other hand, the black is more practical and I prefer the silver hardware. They're both the same size (the white one's straps are one inch longer).

    I would want to use the bag year round, and the $50 price difference doesn't really matter - any advice? :P

    White: http://www.coach.com/assets/product_images/colord2/10048_B4WT_d2.jpg

  2. I adore the Mia style! I just ordered the black/white signature bag and can't wait for it to arrive!

    Black leather would be my choice. I prefer the silver hardware and I love the detail the stitching makes. Plus, black is so versatile and (IMO) sharper.

    I'm so-so on the braided handles. I have a bag with braided handles and it seems like they get dirtier faster than a solid leather...
  3. I would pick black because you can use it year round. I saw this yesterday and its really nice!
  4. I vote black! I love the braided handles on the white too but I just love this bag so much that if I were to get the white very dirty I'd be devastated.
  5. black =D
  6. I love the white braided handles! So pretty.
  7. i like the white better then the black because im not a fan of the contrasting stitching on the black, if it didnt have it then definetly black.
  8. Well-I don't really like white bags at all-though, I am crazy for braided handles. Why don't they make the black with braided handles too? Hmm-I would pick the black one
  9. They dont make it in black but they make it in brown! I wouldnt mind having this one :heart:3 (Its even got the feet at the bottom, LOL!)

  10. I absolutely love the white mia satchel, but like everyone said, i'd be afraid to take it out of fear....the one that abandonedimages mentions is absolutely gorgeous...the brown would definitely be my choice.

  11. ooo I love this one!!

    I like both the white and the black, but, for some reason the white has more oomph...so, either get the white or the brown, for something that's braided and that can be used all year long! :yes:
  12. i SAY BOTH!
  13. I LOVE the white Mia....I saw it in the Coach store the other day and ALMOST bought it (but I was about to buy a LV Speedy so I decided to wait).

    The only thing about the white is that you can only use it in the spring/summer....but it is soooooooooo gorgeous and I think it looks way better than the black.
  14. weLcOmE here:flowers:
    the black one!!:love:
    sorry mmm i didnt like the straps on the white one:sad:
    but the bag's style surely is beautiful.. what ever u get plz share pics with us.. we'd love to see it :cool: