Which Matinee is softer: light blue/grey OR sage?

  1. Which one of these is softer, smooshier leather? Or are they the same
  2. ^Id say light blue in this instance
  3. ok, well if anyone sees the blue one under $500 somewhere, PM and let me know! I love the color and if its smooshy Im sold lol (Im so easy :roflmfao:)
  4. If it is the same leather as the blue MAM I would say it could't get much smooshier. It is heavenly!
  5. Just to update, Im interested in the blue/grey with the silver hardware...so if you see one, let me know! thanks
  6. Damn Sukey.....you on a shopping spree Girl!!!

    You go Girl!!!
  7. please, I don't need any encouragement :nuts: lol. Im going to sell some of my baby carriers since DS is so heavy now, so hope that helps fund my new addiction!
  8. I would love to get this bag, too, but I don't want to spend $600+ on it right now, either.