Which Manhattan is better??? PM or GM

  1. I am thinking (okay...:nuts: obsessing) about my next purchase. I love the Manhattan GM, but think that the fastening/unfastening that middle strap will get old after a while :censor: . Is the PM a better purchase???
  2. I have had both. I still have the GM. I love it. I leave the strap buckled and unzip the zipper from the side. It is pretty easy to use that way. It is a bit heavy but it has more of a wow factor, IMO.
  3. If it wasn't so expensive, I would have liked the GM. I have the PM and my stuff fits in it but just barely. I like the strap on the GM but even the SA said he had gotten comments about it being a hassle.
  4. I have the PM. I love it! I fit alot of stuff in it, wallet, agenda, makeup case, sunglass case, cell, ciggs, and 4-key holder.

    I could never stand the fastening and unfastening the buckle to get in the GM! I like to get in and out of my bag and with the PM it's perfect!
  5. Even assuming the GM wasn't a hassle with the buckle.... I would still prefer the PM.
  6. i have the PM and i love it. you can fit a lot inside if you know how to arrange it all properly :yes:

    although i am planning to get the GM eventually :shy:
  7. I don't think you actually have to unbuckle it everytime you open it do you? I thought there was a *trick* around that.

    My vote is for the GM. It's a great bag. Very heavy though.
  8. my heart says GM:heart: ....my wallet says PM:sad:
  9. ain't that the truth~~:girlsigh:
  10. GM :wlae:
  11. I like the look of the PM better.
  12. I have the PM and I love it! I tried on both , but the GM just felt too big for me. Good luck, they are both stunning!
  13. I was at LV today looking at the Manhattan PM. I :heart: :love: the PM. Being 5' tall, the PM was a better size for me. Looking inside, there is definitely plenty of room for wallet, sunglass case, cellphone, and probably other small things. The GM was just too big, IMO. Goodluck on your choice since they're both stunning.
  14. There is. Just tuck the strap behind the buckle.
  15. Me too.