Which look do you prefer?

  1. The shoes I mean. Do you like the classic open toe sandal or pointy toe stiletto pump?

    To me there's nothing quite like a classic pointy toe stiletto heel pump.
    fergie in sandals.jpg fergie in pigalles sm3.jpg
  2. Partial to the sandals. If ya got pretty feet ya should show 'em off! Plus pointy toe stillettos hurt.
  3. pointy toes
  4. stilettos for me!
  5. LOUBOUTINS for sure!
  6. I don't like Fergie in general, but I'm partial to the points.
  7. I prefer this one[​IMG]
  8. Sandals for me...the second dress just doesn't suite her...the shoes are gorgeous but she looks much better in the first pic.
  9. Sandals!
  10. sandals are pretty cute, but something about pointy toe stilettos just screams sexiness and sophistication...;)
  11. sandals for me too... lived in warm weather for too long.
  12. Sandals.
  13. In general, I love pointed high heels. Although I'm not really loving it with her dress.
  14. Both just look so painful...but between those two, I prefer the sandals.
  15. i think pumps are the sexiest shoes ever, no competition!