Which leathers available?

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  1. What leathers have you seen the Evelyne come in?

    I've seen Epsom and Clemence IRL, and know that Barenia and Box is sometimes available. Are there any other choices?

    TIA :heart:
  2. I've been told that Swift is going to be very available, chevre available only by special order, and - I think I am reporting this accurately, but maybe I got it wrong - Epsom not available. I've noticed, though, that SA's often give conflicting accounts, so my information is only as reliable as the source. But that's the rumour de jour from here.
  3. Oh no..I reread your question. Sorry, I totally mised what you were asking. I was giving an answer about leather in general, not for the E. Sorry! Just forget I wrote.:push:
  4. Vibrato and toile combinations are available as well.
  5. Thank you! Vibrato certainly would jazz it up!
  6. saw an orange vibrato one in bev hills not long ago :smile: