Which LE Bag?


Which discontinued bag should I buy next?

  1. Silver Graffiti Speedy

  2. Brown/pink Cherry Blossom Papillon

  3. Brown/pink Cherry Blossom Cles

  4. Hunt for a Cerises & Panda Ronde

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm really bored tonight...and so jonesing for a new bag. I'm actually laying laminate floor tonight ...that's how bored I am !
    Anyhow....I know I am buying something new next month (Dentelle...and if I don't like it then maybe the Popincourt or Duomo or Trouville + an accesory)...and in March yet another new bag from the boutique when I'm in Boston...BUT in April/May I want to knock something off my discontinued list.
    So which would you buy next & why?
  2. Cherry Blossom Papillon is just so adorable.
  3. Someone I know has the brown CB cles and it is absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Cherry Blossom Papillon.. i've been wanting that bag for forevers
  5. The Cles and PMR aren't really bags...

    but if I had to choose, I'd get the Silver Graffiti Speedy. :yes:
  6. i like the speedy!
  7. LOL John...I guess technically I should have put "items" LOL
  8. I am leaning towards the speedy...but they are soooooo hard to find in excellent condition! The one let-trade has is too rubbed off...and the one the huang's has is too much $$ for the condition.
  9. I voted for the b/p cherry pap! :smile:
  10. My vote is for the cherry pap, I think it's just the perfect bag!
  11. Yea...the pap might be a nice choice since I'll be buying one of these bags just as summer is starting!
  12. Graffiti speedy- one of my fave lines :love:
  13. Silver Graffiti Speedy
  14. I vote for the Cherry Blossom Papillon. I think it is a beautiful bag.
  15. Graffiti is just barely winning LOL I just know I'm going to have a really tough time finding one! ARG!