Which key holder should I get???


Which key holder should I get?

  1. Monogram Canvas 4 or 6 key holder

  2. Monogram Multicolore 4 key holder

  3. Damier Azur 4 key holder

  4. Vernis Pomme d'Amour 4 key holder

  5. Vernis Amarante 4 key holder

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  1. I realized that I really want to get a key holder since I don't like the big bulky "bundle" of keys I have going on but theres just so many I like I can't decide and would like to get your guys' help on deciding. :yes:
    Also i'm going to be using it everyday of course so I'm imagining it's gonna get really worn and grungy over time so I was wondering which one you guys have and how well your guys' have been holding up to everday use.

  2. I got the vernis in amarante.

    I honestly dont know why its taken me so long to buy it because I love it so much,my keys are always to hand and never have to rumble around looking for them.

    Get its its scrummy!!
  3. me too..luv it and its so dark, you dont have to worry about it getting dirty.
  4. love it in the white MC. super cute!
  5. I have the pomme and black mc and love them both. Amarante would be next on my list if I had a reason for anothey key holder!
  6. I voted for the Multicolore one.. I think it'd be really cute in either white or black.
  7. Mc!
  8. I say Amarante, or if you have to go MC, go for black!
  9. Monogram Multicolore 4 key holder

  10. Hiyaz,can take apic of the amarante key holder interior??

  11. Can take apic of the amarante key holder interior??
  12. I love the multicolor! It is so pretty!
  13. MC in black.
  14. My vote went to get the MULTICOLORE KEY HOLDER.

    They are soooo adorable and beautiful ..... especially in the Black MC.
  15. White MC! I purchased mine no more than a month ago. So far so good on its condition. I'm pretty careful with it right now, but who knos a year from now, it might just get grungy. If you're afraid of wear and tear, then go for the Monogram or Damier. It's your safest bet.