Which Key for the Mini Lin Speedy?

  1. I would like to get a cles for my Mini Lin Speedy Ebene.

    Which line/color would look best hanging from outside?

    Thanks :flowers:

    P.S: I got the mono cles, what do you think?
    Shall I keep it or exchange it? :shrugs:
  2. I think the Mono cles looks great. Also, maybe a Pomme Vernis cles would look great. Or you could always get a matching mini lin cles
  3. mini lin cles in ebene!
  4. Pomme Vernis!

  5. monogram mini lin cles in ebene! i have one! so cute =]
  6. vernis is beautiful.
    i have a black epi with palladium hardware.
  7. Definitely the vernis pomme ... so yummy!
  8. I love the accent of the pomme, a nice red highlight would be delightful!
  9. another vote for the mini lin ebene cles!
  10. Definitely the pomme cles! :heart:
  11. something more striking, that goes to pomme cles
  12. Another vote for vernis pomme!!
  13. Definitely Mini Lin cles in EBENE!! I don't like to mixe different materials and styles. An Ebene cles would be elegant and classy!
  14. Another vote for pomme too:tup: