Which Keepall

  1. is a good size for a woman? Like say a overnight bag.
  2. I use the 50 and I actually think it's a bit too small for all my shoes, sweaters etc...I want to get a 55 eventually.
  3. I think it depends on how much you carry. For an overnight bag, I'd prefer to have a 45 or 50 because I don't carry much...
  4. I pack a lot, prob just as much as a woman, I am a tee shirt whore lol sooo I have a 50 in mono with strap and a mc 45 black, I cant fit a lot in each. I personally dont like the 55, I think it is too large, but thats just my opinion. Honestly, I would rather carry two bags (2 keepalls, like 2 50's or 1 50 and a 45, than one 55) call me crazy lol
  5. I would do a 45 or 50...if its only a weekend bag then 50 will be good.
  6. I just got the 55 ...


    and this is the PERFECT size - I too debated, 45, 50 or 55....for the $$$ you are better off going with the 55....I had originally decided on the 50, but ELUX didn't have the 50 in stock, so I went with the 55 and I am so happy I did - it is the perfect size!!! Good luck!!!
  7. I have been thinking of the 45 for myself, I am afraid of having my bag taken by the flight attendant and stored somewhere else. I had that happen one time with another bag, and I would panic if it were an LV.

    Do you guys check your LV? I would be afraid of it being damaged, or targeted for theft. But I love the look of showing up at the airport with your LV bags.
  8. i just got the 55 for overnight trip and short trips.
    I am worried about stuffing it too much.
    I am going to have to travel lite or use my LV back-pack in tadem.

    There is also a CarryAll which you should take a look at.
    And I would advise a Pegase50 or 60 for airport travel.