Which Kate Spade Are You Carrying Today?

  1. Thank you :smile:
  2. This bag would be perfect for a casual sunny sunday. How do you guys spend yours? :p
    This is the Cobble Hill Little Curtis in Grace Blue and for each Kate Spade bag I tend to add a sanitizer with it. I love KS so much !!

  3. OMG, cute everything! cute bag, cute sanitizer, cute sunnies, even the floral sheets and drapes are cute! :biggrin:
  4. So cute~ the colors so matchy matchy! love the blue, very fresh and minty feel
  5. KS black Minka
  6. I love your striped blouse and the black minka!
  7. The wife and I saw a nice what looks to be an emerald green mansfield liv bag. Unfortunately we couldn't find any place online to purchase them. Just wanted to say that those bags are looking great in that color.
  8. Thank you dearies. I'm crazy when it comes to floral and pastel colors. Even my bags are mostly pastel colors hihihihii
  9. Pretty color! I was eyeing a bag in this color.
  10. Thank. Its a pretty old dress from Warehouse
  11. I'm carrying my little minka in dusty emerald today. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1403211508.064751.jpg

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  12. Such a pretty color!
  13. Interesting color, it looks blue here
  14. Thank you!

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  15. Yeah it is an interesting color because sometimes it looks green and sometime blue. It depends on the lighting.

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