which is the more desirable GST color?


which is the best GST combination?

  1. Dk brown w/ silver hw

  2. bordeaux w/ silver hw

  3. beige w/ gold hw

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  1. ok, so i am loving my new Black GST w/ gold hardware, but i really really want a dark brown GST or the bordeaux GST, except i would have preferred gold hw on them... as far as i know this doesn't exist, so i am not sure if i would love the silver hw or not. My other choice is a beige GST with gold, mMm yummy!
  2. I voted for brown with silver hardware but the beige w/gold hardware sounds lovely!
  3. I voted for the Dark Chocolate Brown with Silver Hardware. I have one coming and I can't wait. I think it looks so gorgeous!!!
  4. I voted for beige w/gold hw. I just adore that combo so much! It's classy and classic.
  5. I love the bourdeaux color with the silver hardware. Its TDF IRL!
  6. I heard the brown one looks almost black. I have both the black and the bordeaux GSTs. The bordeaux pops when I wear black (which is a lot).
  7. I would say the bordeaux. I have seen the beige and it just doesn't do much for me. It is neutral, but IMO bland.
  8. thanks for your input everyone.. and GTOfan, you are right. i am most afraid of the brown looking too similar to my black one. What would be the point right?! but am still torn between beige and bordeaux. i am a sucker for the gold hw.
  9. I voted for the bordeaux. Love that color!
  10. I voted for the brown as far as desirability among the ones you listed, but if you already have a black one, I'd go for the distressed brown one (not the caviar one). It's not quite as dark, has a different look and feel than the black caviar one and is just tdf.

    I really like the bordeaux, esp with silver hardware but just can't see myself ever buying one. The beige caviar would be a great contrast to the black- I just didn't vote for it as most desired because many people are dirt phobic like me and are afraid of dirtying up the beige.
  11. Any color for me looks good except for the beige.

    It does look like black. I could've sworn it was black, but apparently, the black wasn't made with silver HW.
  12. I love the bordeaux
  13. It does look like black. I could've sworn it was black, but apparently, the black wasn't made with silver HW.[/quote]

    Yup, I remember I saw the dark brown GST in NM ... it looked a lot like black. I bought the bordeaux GST weeks later instead. IMHO, bordeaux is a color more distinct from the black in Chanel line, and it's a very pretty color.
  14. I love the beige combo with gold h/w...it's fabulous!