Which is the correct shade of pond?

  1. I'm considering buying a pond shoulder bag on eBay but I'm concerned that I won't like the color. I live 2 hours from the nearest mall and didn't have the opportunity to see it when it was available in stores. Will any of you nice folks who have seen the bag tell me which shade is most accurate? Thanks, Cheryl
    pond 1.jpg pond 2.jpg pond 3.jpg
  2. The second one definetely looks like the true pond color.
  3. Yeah! I was hoping that was the color. Thank you
  4. ]]

    Sure no problem:okay:
  5. The first is too green, the second too gray, and the last too blue. I brought out my bag for comparison and the second looks the closest. Too bad that you can't mix the first and second colors.
  6. I agree, the second one, definitely. :smile:

    Remember to take pictures to we can all drool when y ou get it!
  7. Second one and I just returned a pond wallet to the outlet. It is a pretty color.
  8. the first one is way off, the second one is of a used bag

    the last one looks closest to me
  9. don't know if this helps you or just makes you more confused, but here's my bag:

    Pond and legacy wristlet.JPG

    (please ignore my nosey dog in the background!!)
  10. OMG!! Where???? Most likely, nowhere near me.... :nogood:
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Here is a pic of mine!!!
  13. LOL - your dog in the background of your picture totally made me laugh. He's like, "Hey, mom, whatcha doin' in there?"
  14. i'll tell you it's more of a turqoise-y type color than a blue. it's really pretty though.
  15. Mine is not nearly so blue/turquoise as the 3rd one or yvalenz. Mine is more like #2 in the photos. I love the more blue though.