Which is sturdier?

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    Is the coated canvas or leather sturdier? I am looking into getting the SC PM, is it more maintenance than the coated canvas such as the DE, DA or mono? I feel like the coated canvas feels sturdier but lately I have been obsessed with leather handbags but it doesn't feel so sturdy. Which ages better and lasts longer? I plan to use the SC for an everyday bag if I get it.
  2. coated canvas is sturdier... leather is more easily prone to scuffing and scratches.
    coated canvas should last longer but you have the vachetta to worry about... but not the case for damier ebene
  3. I agree!
  4. Coated Canvas by a long shot.
    Which is more luxurious? Leather by a long shot :smile:

    Same goes for interior lining, Alcantara is more resistant but less luxurious than the suede in the SC.

    I would still pick an SC since I prefer luxury over utility.

    As for aging, leather patinas which gives a bag character unlike coated canvas which simply becomes worn over time.
  5. I find the coated canvas much more resilient than leather. Leather scratches, scuffs and shows wear marks. The LV canvas is very hardy! Plus it is lighter than leather bags, in my experience.

    I used to only buy leather purses, but once I discovered canvas, LV is all I use now...except on rainy days, then I carry my nylon Longchamp.
  6. Definately coated canvas!
  7. Canvas has such a bad rap, but LV canvas is do lightweight and great quality. I've seen 25 year old canvas LV bags and they still look great!! Can't always say the same for leather.