Which is nicer on Roady "textured" or smooth calfskin HELP Please

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  1. I am going to order a Black Roady without seeing it in IRL. Can anyone please tell me which is nicer on the Roady, the "textured" leather (no one knows which kind of leather) or the smooth calfskin? And is the textured leather a little stiffer (is the textured leather like Chanel's caviar leather?) than the smooth leather? Thank you so much!
  2. I think it's based on personal preference. I like the textured, or pebbled, leather on the Roady because the shape is so clean and simple, the pebbled leather really stands out. I also think (just my personal opinion - no facts to back this up) that the pebbled leather is more durable and shows less wear & tear while the smoother leathers tend to show little scuffs and scratches. I think the pebbled is also a little more casual and laid back looking whereas the smooth is ladylike and elegant. You can tell I've been thinking about this too much :P

    I actually ordered a pebbled leather black Roady from Bluefly last month, but was sent a Raody with smooth leather...unfortunately, not what I was looking for so she went back.
  3. I have the goat skin smooth Roady and it's really nice. I wrote in another post that I prefer pebbled, but I'm starting to change my mind. Because the bag is so simple, the smoothness just highlights its elegance. But I think the pebbled will show wear less over time.

    Can you get both a return the one you don't care for?
  4. I love pebbled leather from YSL, it is divine and gives every bag such yummy look, I would go for textured.
  5. I have a textured version and love it to bits. I think it adds more interest to a simple elegant bag.
  6. I agree with you, as to the elegance of the plain leather Roady.
    BTW, do you know what is the difference in the type of leather used in the plain Roady and in the pebbled leather? A SA at YSL told me the pebbled had a special procedure which made it look like that and was more resistant to scratches. They call it Crest leather. But what is it? Goatskin, calfskin, deerskin? Thanks!
  7. My smooth Roady is goat skin. I think the Crest is calf leather.
  8. Thank you Grietje; you are right. I called the YSL Boutique in Bal Harbour and was told by a knowledgeable SA that the Roady leather is called "ranch" and the Crest is calfskin that has been treated. First, they get it wet and then heat it at very high temperatures which causes the resulting pebbled look. I suspect all the leather is similar except for the treatment it is subjected to.
  9. I loooove the pebbled leather!!! :graucho:
  10. Hi Nicholas Mommy. Its a matter of preference but the textured leather is not pebbled; its texture is uneven. Its is soft but heavier than the plain leather. It looks very striking in royal blue but not so much in black. The one advantage it has is that the bag is more resistant to scratches; it also looks very sporty and casual. The other one looks more classic and timeless ( in my opinion).