Which is best for a first time Balenciaga purchase?

  1. I want either the Motorcycle medium Pink, or the small slate blue. I can't decide which.
    I want something that pops, that's why I chose COLOR. Just the girly girl I am! :girlsigh:
    Please, tell me what you guys think!
    balenciagasmallblue.jpg balenciagarosepetalpink.jpg
  2. I vote for the pink city. :smile: It's a more versatile style, IMO, as it fits more and you can use it day and night. But if you're not a heavy packer, the first seems to be a lovely bag as well. I'm getting a city soon so that's probably why I'm rooting for the city. :graucho:
  3. Petal Pink City :tup:
  4. petal pink city ~ 'tho i think it's so cute in a first as well ~ lol! ~ especially if you're a young bal fan ~ the colour is TDF in any style ~ :flowers:
  5. both are yummy!! but pink is super cute
  6. Pink gets my vote!!
  7. I am very defiant. I am afraid that I want to cheat and say that i like the blue colour but in the larger City style. In fact - I suddenly want one myself terribly. That is dreadful because I musn't have it!
  8. I vote for Pink!
  9. Petal pink! I think it "pops" more than blue :yes:
  10. I like both colors, but definately go with the City style!
  11. I am bias!!! I say PINK!!!
  12. I vote for pink!
  13. Pink City IMO!