which is a better deal? OUTLET or EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT?

  1. Hey all,
    I'm new to Gucci forums so don't mind me but I'm on a desperate search for a new bag and I'm contemplating between a LV or Gucci.

    In terms of Gucci though I was hoping to get some opinions on which you would rather choose to purchase from.

    I could get an employee discount from BG of 30% off and if I wait til their big handbag sale towards the end of November, its more likely to be 30% off 30% (which is like 40% i guess).
    I'm wondering if this is a better deal or I might prices even better at their outlets like at Woodbury??

    Not only is price an issue, but of course style - I don't want to go buy from woodbury if the stuff they sell at the outlets are mediocre, nor do I want the to buy from BG if the sale items are also mediocre. Which is more likely to have better sale items? Also, tax should be accounted for as well. (I live in NY)

    Opinions anyone? TIA.
    If i don't get any responses, thanks anyway lol
  2. I think it depends on which bag you're considering. The Gucci stores and department store sometimes get different bags and different colors. Also, the markdowns differ. I bought a tote at NM's sale and it was cheaper than at the Gucci outlet. But, the 85th anniversary bag was cheaper at the outlet, than at NM. I recommend purchasing from BG, because they at least have a better return policy, in case you don't like it.