Which hobo style...and in brown or black?

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  1. I just got a call from my FP boutique, letting me know that I'll be receiving an ePCE next week...and I also have a $300 store credit....so I need to get busy deciding what I want! My fall line up looks like this...Emerald Julia tote, Large Berry Alexandra, and Gunmetal Alexandra (regular size). I was thinking it was time I get a neutral brown or black bag because I always go for the colors and NEVER have neutrals in my bag wardbrobe.

    So I got to check out the Hampton Hobos this weekend and love the style. Same with the Kristin Large hobos. Great styles! Can't decide which style I like more though...opinions?

    And I'm having a really hard time deciding on the color. Here's why. In fall I wear lots of black, gray, purples, and jewel tones...colors that I think look better with black than brown. So I feel like I should get a black bag. But thing is that when I try on black bags they do NOTHING for me. No excitement. The XL Hamptons hobo in black was really not exciting to me at all...but I LOVED it in brown. So classic and beautiful. But will I use it enough if I don't have a lot of browns in my wardbrobe? I don't know...why can't I just like black bags...it would be simpler! What do you think??? What would you get? :smile:
  2. I love love the Hampton Hobo....I am thinkning of getting this one too...I have to say get the brown hobo...
  3. Get the Hamptons Hobo in Brown. That's the one that made you excited, and I think a classic brown bag can be worn with anything, even black and gray. It will look delicious with purple and jewel tones too :yes:
  4. I have a slight preference for the Hampton Hobo......as far as color you have to go with what turns you on. If the black is too plain for you, why not tie on a colorful scarf? I love black with jewel tones!
  5. Hamptons
  6. Hamptons in walnut!!! I think the black Hamptons hobo would be more exciting with brass hardware.

    I agree with Belle79 that brown bags can work great with black clothing. I carry walnut-colored bags almost every day, regardless of what I'm wearing (often black). I LOVE the classic turnlock and tassels on the Hamptons, not to mention the beautiful rolled handle.
  7. I prefer the Kristin hobo because it is more secure with a zipper closing and the outside pocket. Both are around the same size and they both have a hand and crossbody strap.
  8. I have a large black Kristin hobo and I love it. It's by far one of my favorite bags. It's very comfortable to carry, and when I'm out shopping I wear it crossbody. I'd love to have one in every color!!
  9. I have the Hamptons Hobo in walnut and I LOVE it. The color is so rich. It's a very pretty brown. And I think that it will look very nice with fall and winter colors. Have you seen the black leather in the hobo? The leather is smooth and different. It's not for everyone. I ordered one and I didn't like it at all. I definitely preferred the rich pebbled leather of the walnut color. But some people like it. I would go for the walnut though. :smile:
  10. I wear black & brown together all the time - I think that a brown one would pop against black! Go for it!
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  12. i love the hamptons hobo in the walnut brown. i think you should get it.
  13. I have the Hamptons hobo in black and love it. It's so comfortable on the shoulder. Good luck deciding.
  14. Thanks for your input! I decided to go for the Hamptons Hobo in Walnut! :yahoo:
    Of course once I called my store to see if it was in, I found out that it was sold out and there is only one store in this area that has exactly ONE left in stock. Luckily they will hold it for me until Friday so I can use my pce on it. I think I'm making a great choice...and I do think I'll carry this bag a lot for many years to come! After this purchase I have to be DONE Coach shopping for a while! Famous last words, right??? :P