Which hobo?? decision help needed!!!

  1. hmm. not a fan of the perforated, but the white looks cute and good for spring!
  2. I think the white/khaki white would look best for spring.
  3. I vote for khaki/white, too!
  4. Another vote for white/khaki!
  5. Khaki and White for sure! I love that combo :smile:
  6. Love the white!!
  7. I like the brass/brown the best-my second choice would also be the brass/khaki/white! You can't go wrong with either IMO!:yes:
  8. Marie has my vote too - brass/brown!
  9. definately love the khaki and white
  10. I love that purse! Seriously it's one of my Favorites. I do it in white & Khaki
  11. Brass/brown is my favourite. I have a gallery tote in that and find it to be really versatile since it can be worn with either black or brown and look good. BUT it's kind of fall/winter. My second choice would be the khaki/camel since it can go year-round.

    Oh, but I just love the khaki/white combo, just in terms of looks. It would be a great spring/summer bag.

    Okay, I guess that didn't really help at all.:p
  12. Khaki/White is my fav
  13. Brass/khaki is my favorite but the brown/white really stands out as well.