Which HH bags were recently hunted to extinction?

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  1. teehee. Thought it would be fun to name all the bags we've killed over the course of the last few sales. Lets name one item each until we're pretty sure we've gotten them all. Not just bags, either, but apparel and accessories as well.

    I helped kill the Tracy...and you?
  2. The Mercer Clutch ( but they discontinued that maybe because it doesn't really close)

    the Corcovado, now that is sad
  3. The Estelle Jalepeno Peacoat..
  4. VCP Havana
  5. I personally slayed the pewter Tamasin, grey Zeus Pilot and Bronze Anaconda carry-all.....

    Also dead are the Tan Crinkle and Indigo Trophy.......
  6. You only get one Ms. Liz, save some for the rest of us. ;)
  7. Hahahahahaha....at keast I didn't kill the PL or VCP clutch wallets......
  8. The yam Conrad. All gone, bye-bye. Living in my OMG Closet until Spring... No more New Yahk City for that boy ... he's a Minnesotan now!!!
  9. Emily Clutch in Bronze (I was unsure at first but now i've found so many awesome uses for it.)
  10. yam Clara...
  11. Indigo crinkle patent and cordovan havana. Black patent corcovado (just moments before it went bye bye). And the Pallenberg Corsaire became a Floridian.
  12. Someone off-ed the last black Zeus buckle keyfob last night!
  13. Hate to be a wet blanket or power freak, but please let's just name one each. For some reason that seems like a lot more fun.
  14. corset belt in woodgrain patent!
  15. I think I got the last of the Le Jardin scarves...