Which Hayden Harnett Bag Do You Want Next? POST PICS!

  1. Lately I've been falling in love with Hayden Harnett bags all over again! :love: For some reason I keep eyeing the colorblock clutches!

    What is the next HH bag you want to get?! List and/or post pics!:tup:
    HH Colorblock Clutches.jpg
  2. Is everyone over HH at the moment? I admit... I abandoned my HH obsession after only 2 purchases and ventured into some more "adult" looking bags... a Marc Jacobs bag, a Louis Vuitton and a Coach... but now I'm ready to play again...:p At least until I bite the bullet and get my Bbag!:girlsigh:
  3. Umm... not over HH in the slightest! ;)

    I've picked up a RM bag, and am swooning over some of the Treesje bags for Spring, but HH continues to capture my interest. I am seriously plotting to get the Corcovado in Emerald.

    also love this Pastis in plaid that is now backordered :sad: I think hovercraftier got one though...
    corcovado.jpg pastis.jpg
  4. I have several that I want :p

    Mercer Triple-Compartment Satchel, Blush

    Havana Hobo, Grey

    Lorca Flap Demi, White
    Lorca Turnlock, Lagoon

    Marlowe Mirror Bag, Black Patent

    Pallenberg Duffel, White
  5. My love for HH is still strong, even though I've been taking a detour through Rebecca Minkoff country lately. I've been eyeing the Corcovado (though I'm not fond of side pockets on bags), and still lust over the lead Lido and Bernardin Day bag from the older collection.

  6. The Corcovado has captured my heart as well!:tender:
  7. I like the style, but they don't offer it in a color I really want yet. Maybe the black patent.

    Does anyone know if it will come out in more colors?
  8. Loving these also... although I'm hesitant to buy a white bag...
    HH Cannes Large Tote.jpg HH - New.jpg
  9. [​IMG] loving this one,

    [​IMG] in Ink, grey, and possibly red.
  10. I love those, too! I call those two as well, and these three.

  11. [​IMG]

    This bag has really caught my eye. I've been out of HH for a year or so now... but just decided it was time to look at the site again.

    Wow! This one is very unique compared to some of their other styles.
  12. I love the Corcovado in Emerald:


    The Lorca in Lagoon:

    The Mercer in Anthracite:

    and.. the Tharpe in Tango Red:

    I need to win the lottery!
  13. ^^ dont we all !
  14. Am I the only one so far?? I think this bag is too cute.
  15. the green too!! :love::heart::love::heart: