Which has more room Botkier Stirrup or Trigger!!!!

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  1. Trying ot decide and purchase right now!!!!! which has more room to hold stuff? botkier Stirrup 16 x 12 x 2 or Medium Trigger 9 x 12 x 6? I know the stirrup seems to have a few more inches, but being so narrow just 2" makes it not hold as much! I can't return once I buy and I need to order ASAP! Please help or suggestions!!!
  2. I have the Medium Trigger. To be honest, my Paddy holds more. Even with the 3 pockets, if you put more stuff in it, it gets bulky. I agree the stirrup seems narrow.

    How about the large trigger if you're considering more room?
  3. Large Trigger isn't available anymore and your right, that would be the best bag for me! so your Paddy hold more? the paddy does seem to hold alot more than it looks like it would! Can you really put much of anything in the side pockets of the trigger? What do you put in there? I need a lot of room but I don't like it when the bag gets all weird shapped from being overstuffed!
  4. The only thing I put in the side pockets are: cell phone (blackberry) and keys. I put everything else in the middle because it gets kinda bulky and wierd shaped.

    To be honest, I wish I had the large. Maybe the paddy seems to hold more because it's longer, and it just one compartment.

    In the middle I have my checkbook wallet, checkbook, accesories case and sunglass case. There's a little room for more, but again - it would look too bulky.

    But overall - I like this bag!

    What color are you looking for? Have you looked at the Holster?