Which Hardware with Black: SGH or GGH?


What goes better with a Black City, SGH or GGH?

  1. SGH

  2. GGH

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  1. Hi,

    I am somewhat new to the BBag forum, as I usually hang out in LV. However, I occasionally feel the pull from Balenciaga but have not bought one yet.

    I am now seriously considering a Black City with Giant hardware, but I cannot decide between gold or silver giant hardware. I have seen the gold in person and loved it but have only seen pictures of the silver.

    What do you think goes better with black, the SGH or GGH? And is black a good color to choose for my first bbag? (I do not want brown because I have a lot of LVs in brown monogram).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. gold, all the way. the color and contrast to the black really pops. looks so hot.

    ps i understand the bbag pull - i was recently pulled in myself from LV...after i got my cafe part-time with GGH, somehow the LV canvas/design just doesn't seem all that attractive anymore :p
  3. Oh I love the cafe part-time with GGH! I was so tempted to get that one at Neimans, but then I thought I should get black because of all my mono. But it is gorgeous!
  4. SILVER GIANT HARDWARE! No question..
  5. Silver! :smile:
  6. I have both the SGH and the GGH on different colored bags. I've seen both the combo on black and both look divine. I'd decribe the balck GGH to be more elegant like, whereas the black SGH combo to be more like "rock and roll" more casual...if that all makes sense. I don't think you can wrong with either. It depends on what you usually wear. Are you usually wearing suits and such. Or are you more a casual kind of gal. Does your skin tone work better with warn or cool tones? Maybe you can fit in those considerations too. GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted...and post pics of your new bbag:yahoo:
  7. ^^^ I think so too! The silver gives it a funky edge/vibe whereas the gold is more classic,
  8. Thanks for the responses so far, they are really helpful!

    blessings, you had a good point about GGH being more elegant than SGH since I do dress conservatively for work (although we are business casual). Also not sure if the rocker look is appropriate at my age (late 30's).
  9. oh yeah - i agree with the silver thing. i forgot to mention that. i also thought about that when i briefly considered SGH. it's very edgy, imo.

    ps i originally wanted black (as you can see from my signature lol) but when i was at neiman's and compared cafe w/black, it seemed like cafe had a bit more depth to the color i guess, since it can look pretty black but sometimes dark brown. it made the leather look amaaaaaazing. black seemed a bit more flat in comparison. also under the light sometimes the wrinkles/cracks in the leather made the color of the leather look kinda worn....my SO commented that it looked like really old denim under the light...lol....anyway, whenever i get my camera, i'll take pics and post. i just got it a few days ago!!!!!
  10. I say silver, but I'm not a fan of gold on anything...
  11. I vote for gold, very classy, edgy, and funky all at the same time! I love my cafe GGH PT! and i agree with rainyjewels, the black really pops with the GGH! I've seen the SGH IRL and it didnt connect with me as much as the GGH did when I first saw it... although it does look fab on some colors... like the plomb...

    but like Blessings said... you should take your own individual style, purpose, skin color etc into account to...

    and remember to keep us posted! good luck!
  12. I would go for GGH because I feel that the SGH looks less vibrant (a little duller) Is "duller" even a word??? Anyway, you get my drift LOL!
  13. It's a matter of personal preference.

    I personally don't like GH at all, but out of the two, I have to go with silver. I think silver is less blingy, edgier, cooler...especially paired with dark colors such as black. Since silver is more understated, I think you'll use it more than just pulling it out for a special occasion, I think. But this depends on the tone of the jewelry you wear as well. If you wear yellow gold a lot, and you love gold, maybe you should go with GGH.

    In regards to the color, I think black is a staple and a classic everyone should have. Whether black lacks depth or not I think depends on the leather. If you opt for wrinkly, super distressed leather, it has lots of dimensions whereas if you opt for smooth leather, it's more flat. Does that make sense?

    If you want to give black "more charactor", spicing it up with SGH would be a very good option.

    Good luck with your decision:tup:
  14. I prefer the black with SGH... it gives it a more casual look. The GGH gives it a more "luxe" feel. I guess it would be personal preference. I vote SGH ;)
  15. my vote for SGH!!